Kina Italia, through the centuries

A long history, at a glance.

In 1894, Paolo Marzari, an amateur photographer and father of the Italian postcard, started up a small family business in Schio (VI) that he named after himself.

“Marzari” produced postcards, and its well-organized activity, which its founder nurtured with professional passion, grew constantly and rapidly until 1955, when more advanced industrialization led to expansion of the plant and made it possible to add the production of business cards, announcements, travel brochures, calendars and true photographic books.

In 1975 the company's size (120 million postcards and 1.5 million travel books!) demanded new organizational decisions and the creation of two commercial networks: Compagnia Fotocelere and Kina Italia. In 1978, a representative office was opened in New York. Travel publishing in both Italy and other countries also became much more important.

Growth continued in the 1990s, which were distinguished by European-level agreements and shareholdings in companies operating in Italy, Austria, Germany and France. In 1994 the company celebrated its one hundredth anniversary and Kina Italia merged the Marzari graphic industry.

In 2003, Eurografica Spa ( entered the scene, acquiring the Kina Italia business and brand in order to support its growth and development by adding new products (gift paper, greeting cards, shopping bag, etc.) that appeared in 2004, supplementing traditional travel items, which remain at the highest levels of quality and service.

Today Kina Italia is part of the L.E.G.O. Group, leader in the printing and binding business.

And the story goes on...

The Pasubio mountain, dominating the Leogra Valley, silent witness of Kina Italia growth.

Where are we today

Keeping the focus on its sector, the tourist market, Kina Italia has developed partnerships with suppliers all over Europe to build up a constantly growing range of souvenir items, such as magnets, keychains, tote bags, pouches, bottle openers, pens, pencils, playing cards and whatever will be next.

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